Hero of Sparta title screen

Hero of Sparta is a action/adventure game developed and published by Gameloft in December 9th 2008 for the iphone, ipod touch, Nintendo DS, Android and PSP (Playstation Portable) minis.

Age Ratings:


ESRB: M (psp) T (nintendo DS)



The story starts with the main character (Argos) regaining conciousness on a beach after his entire fleet of ships has been wiped out by a violent storm. He progresses inland while fighting various mythical beasts across multiple landscapes. The spartan, Argos, must free the oracle from Hades, who will lead him home. Play progressesacross various legendary landscapes such as Atlantis (unavailable in the nintendo DS version) and the underworld.


The game consists of 8 levels (5 in the nintendo DS version) where the player controls a spartan king wielding a weapon and fighting various mythical beasts. The spartan collects "orbs" from his fallen enemies, green orbs for health, blue orbs for magic and red for experience which can be used to upgrade his weapons' damage and special powers. When a weapon is upgraded to full damage, weapons take on a new, "ultimate" form. When certain enemies are weakened, the player may peform a finishing move on them, executed by tapping a series of buttons that appear on-screen. This will kill the enemy, and grants the player with more "orbs" than usual.